Accent Reduction

Accent training is no longer just a need for news reporters and actors. Many businesses today deal with contacts around the world. Corporations increasingly need accent reduction specialists to train employees from phone representatives in call centres to corporate managers.

Having an accent is a result of applying the sounds and the music of your first language to another language. Your English grammar may be fine, but you have an accent because you speak English with the music of your mother tongue. Accent training will teach you the music of English and help you smooth out your accent. Most people have learned excellent English grammar, but were never taught much pronunciation. If this is your case, you can benefit from accent training. Learn the sounds and music of English by working on:

rhythm and the music of English
pausing and breathing
connected speech
emphasizing and reducing words
word stress
specific sounds

You can master specific English sounds such as /th/ or make a good Canadian /r/ or any other sounds you wish to master. To master the music of English, clients have found it useful to work on word stress, pausing, and intonation.

Come in for an assessment. See how accent training can boost your confidence and help you communicate. Go to the “Testimonials” page of this website and see what previous clients have said about their accent training.

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you can benefit from accent training:

1. Have you learned English as a second language?
2. Are you looking for a job and preparing for an interview?
3. Are you someone who deals with the public?
4. Do you do public speaking?
5. Do you want to avoid people asking “what”?

Whatever your reasons, accent training can help you smooth out your accent. People will no longer ask “what” or say “can you repeat?” Most clients say that after only 3 accent training lessons people comment on how their speech is more smooth.

Take one session per week and be a few weeks away from sounding more Canadian. Skype session work too!