"Although I have been in Canada for over 10 years and I speak good English, there were still many words and phrases I was not confident in pronouncing. I felt that I would live with my accent forever. The accent training classes I had with Kathleen greatly improved my pronunciation. Kathleen is a wonderful instructor, she is very patient and detail oriented. now feel more confident with my English speaking" Karen L

"It was excellent! Your classes really help me to improve my accent. I am good in English however my pronunciation needed improvement. After only 5 lessons my friends noticed that my accent improved. Your way of teaching not only covers all the vowels, rules of stress and intonation, it is actually fixes the right pronunciation in my mind! Your classes were very cool, you are kind and very much motived me!!! I would recommend to everyone who has difficulties with pronunciation!" Tetyana L

“I have improved far more than I ever expected in only 5 lessons. I am one hundred percent satisfied. Thank you.”

“I trust you. I know you can teach me to say my lines with a North American accent.”

“She listens to all questions and she answers the questions clearly.”

“She has a lot of knowledge.”

"Kathleen is the name of a very special teacher
who is helping me achieve my goals and dreams
in a country that is not my home.
She is teaching me a language I did not know before,
so she is very kind and patient and truly cares about
each and every one in her class. She knows everything about english:
pronunciation, grammar, puntuation, and so on... she knows it all!!!
I will always remember Kathleen, not just as my teacher,
but as a very special friend who helped me succeed in my new home." Mary M


After only 3 sessions, most of my clients tell me that people comment on how they sound more native-like. I have been working in the field of speech, accent, and teaching for more than 15 years. Come in for an assessment and see how you can benefit from accent training.

Communicate efficiently in English; eliminate those embarrassing misunderstandings, and improve your confidence.